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About Us

Boxwood has been delivering online career center solutions exclusively to the association marketplace since 1998. As the industry leader, Boxwood has helped our clients generate over $400 million in non-dues revenue. We’re also the only career center solutions provider to earn an endorsement by ASAE every year since 2002.

“Boxwood consistently exceeds our expectations!”

National Association of Independent Schools

How do we help associations generate that much money and earn the endorsement of ASAE? Simple. We’re different than other providers. If you’re in the market for an online career center we encourage you think about your decision carefully. Learn the answer to one simple question, Why Boxwood?. We’ve heard people say “all career centers are more or less the same”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take a quick read through 50 Facts every association absolutely, positively needs to know about career centers and see how Boxwood stacks up. We’re confident you’ll come to the same conclusion as ASAE.